How to Fix Small Blemishes in Wood Furniture

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Sometimes touch-up repairs for wood furniture in your home. Find out how to fix small blemishes at home with spray on lacquer in this free video. View Video Transcript

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If we were doing something like say touch up, like this for instance. Like this was a broken piece and the arms were broken off, this was broken off and the leg was broken off here. The moving company had damaged it, so the people brought it to us to restore it, so we've repaired it all, got it all back together again, and if this was something maybe in your house to do, you might use a product like this, where you could, this is a lacquer sanding sealer, called "Deft," and you could spray that on and get several coats of your sealer on, after you've got the stain like you like it. And, then you could finish back up, this is a semi-gloss, they also have a satin and a gloss finish. And, you'd probably with this color, this sheen here, you might use a satin finish of a, this is their clear wood finish or it's a lacquer. And, then you could spray several coats of that on there until you get the finish built up like the rest of the chair looks. But, it's a good way to do something in the house, even with a table top, you can buy it in quarts where it can be brushed on. But, the nice thing about the spray is you can get a nice finish on there, a nice, even finish. Even if you did the first finishes with a paint brush and had to sand it down, got it to where it's level, use the spray can on your final lacquers and then you'll end up with a very professional looking finish.