Buying Home Furniture: Warranties

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The furniture you buy should come with a manufacturer warranty for normal wear and tear. Learn about home furniture warranties in this free video. View Video Transcript

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So the warranty is set by the manufacturer. The warranties, we have two different warranties, they have two different warranties. The manufacturer sets up the warranty, through the normal wear and tear, or the normal defects. As you can see this unit here, I'm giving you this as an example. This is a reclining unit. Now this reclining unit has a lever, has a switch right here. With this switch that you pull out right now, it will bring the piece up. If you go ahead and take care of this, they give you a lifetime warranty, which is normal on any of these couches. The only way that they can have damages, or they can have damages from the kids, or adults are playing with it, and just fooling around with the switch. But it's very easy. The companies will take care of your product, of your unit if you use it the right way. If you play with it they're not going to take care of it, you won't have it under warranty. They have an extended warranty and it's actually a great piece to have because again, they have an extended warranty that you can buy which is an additional warranty on top of the manufacturer. Not just for the mechanism, for the sofa, but it does the whole couch, against rips, tears, and burns. But it's a great piece because it extends that warranty out there, and makes you, when you spend that money. It makes you as an investment that you're going to have a five or ten year warranty for the product you're going to buy, it's going to last. It's going to last a lot longer than going back and buying something in two years because you didn't have an extended warranty.