Adding Flare to Furniture Trims with Veneers

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Veneered trims add great charm to wood furniture. Find out how veneer can add flare to the trim on wood furniture in this free video. View Video Transcript

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The veneer is important when you're replacing it, to try and match it up with the veneer that's in there and not use another type of veneer and then try and make it look like the other. This is a satin wood, what you call a bee's wing, satin wood veneer and what we've done here, is gone back in and replaced where this was missing, we've put new pieces of satin wood veneer, in there. Where somebody else, years ago, had repaired this and refinished this this piece, they had gone in and put what looked like glue on veneer, in there or a very light light mahogany. It just doesn't match up with it, so we've taken that back out and replaced all that with the real mccoy. This is bee's wing satin wood. You'd put these veneers on these different tables, more for adornment. You've got satin wood, ebony and holly, in this stringer, here, so you'd basically put this back on there just to adorning the edges of it. This is actually, a solid board, one board here and then we've gone in and cut this in and then laid these veneers in here, to do this top.