Work Area Clean Up: Wood Fence Repair & Maintenance Tips for Home Improvement

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Learn how to clean your work area after repairing your wood fence in this free home improvement repair and maintenance video. View Video Transcript

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So now that all the work is complete you want to do a once over on what you have just done make sure that everything is picked up. Make sure that noting has been left behind. Make sure that you put all your tools back were you got them that way it is easy to find stuff the next time that you have a job. First thing is just get rid of this tape since our paint is dry. Just make sure that you put everything in a trash can. If you remember earlier we took off this board back here and put a new one on so you want to make sure that you didn't leave any nails behind or anything like that that someone could step on. So if you have a magnet or something like that you could run a magnet over it. If not just sweep it up broom and dust pan is good enough. Pick up your plastic. Keep your paint towards the inside of the plastic that way if anything is wet or still is on the plastic it doesn't get on your hands or clothes or anything like that. Once that is complete sweep up what is left and you are all set.