Laundry Tips: Water Temperature

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When doing laundry, use the cold-cold water temperature to remove stains and effectively clean white clothes. Learn more about water temperature with tips in this free video on laundry. View Video Transcript

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The next dial is temperature, which is, yeah, which is for the wash and the rinse, and there's cold cold, warm cold and hot cold. And at this point in my life, like I said I'm a little lazy, I kind of do everything together. Basically everything goes on warm cold for me, but the thing to remember for this is that, hot cold, like if something is hot, it will end up shrinking your clothes and will also set stains in where as cold will keep the size the same, and will also, like, if you have a stain that you're trying to get out you want to turn it to cold cold. So usually what I'm doing, if I'm doing a separate load of whites from darks I will put my darks on warm cold then I'll put my lights on cold cold. But I don't know, I think it's only really that important when it comes to stains and when it comes to trying to keeping the size the same. So heat sets stains in and can possibly, like, alter the, the, the size of the clothing and then cold will, cold will hopefully take the stain out and then if it doesn't get out the first time you can put it back in on cold, and, yes, that's cool, alright.