Smooth over a Gravel Road

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Smooth a gravel road with other tools then a box blade and learn about how it works in this free construction video. View Video Transcript

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This is Ben Ingham with Expert Village to talk to you about putting in a gravel road. You can't see it, so I don't know what to explain it, it's not a box blade so whatever, when you have it at an angle, whatever, whatever catches on this side is gonna ride down and gonna run out that side so you're gonna have, you'll have stock piled down at the end. It doesn't gather it up on both side and bring it through. It'll catch snow and push it over to the side of the road or it will catch dirt out of a high spot and move it over to the side. But this, unlike the box blade, is not boxed in, so whatever catches on the front side will roll down the blade and it will eventually go over to the side. And you want that for snow removal or just to get something out of the way because you want to get it out of the road, off to the side of the road, and that's what this kind of blade would be for.