How to Use a Box Blade for a Gravel Road: Part 2

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Using a steer panel and cinder blocks to smooth and flatten a gravel road, learn about the length and width and how to even the high and low spots in this free construction video View Video Transcript

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This is Ben Ingham with Expert Village to talk to you about putting in a gravel road. This came with my tractor when I bought the tractors, I bought this as part of it. I probably went over it, back and forth, five or six times. The road is about one and a half times the width, this is six feet and the road is probably eight to nine feet wide. And, I would go all the way up to one end and turn around and come back all the way to the other, just simply trying to level it out. And then, the best thing that you can do to make a really nice smooth road is to drag it with something very heavy and very flat. I've seen people use railroad ties before, I didn't have access to one, so I got a sixteen foot steer panel that you make fences with and put cinder block and all kinds of heavy things on it and drug that over it several times. And that drags out the high spots and leaves the gravel in the low spots, so it makes a pretty nice smooth road bed.