Finishing Tips for Ironing Pillowcases

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Hi I'm Joyce Danielson with Expert Village add a little more water to get rid of that line not only when I do iron the sheets and pillowcases I normally don't fold them or put them back in the closet I usually use put them on the bed. If you end up storing them you will be just be putting back the creases so I'm just going to fold it in half. There's a couple of different ways to folding pillowcases everybody has there own way of, I can show you a couple. Okay so when you finish your you can fold this in half, straighten this out fold it over, your going to fold a third, and a third over again. If you don't like that one you can just fold it in half and you have a longer one and if you just have a tiny space you fold it in half again. So there's a couple I guess 3 or 4 different ways you can do a pillowcase.