Buying Home Furniture: Common Mistakes

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Sometimes people forget that stores put accessories with the furniture in their showrooms. Then, they are unhappy when the furniture they bought doesn't look like it did in the store. Learn how to avoid common mistakes when buying furniture for the home... View Video Transcript

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A common mistake that people make when they buy furniture. The biggest mistake that I've seen is when consumers buy the product, take it home, put it in their home and when they put it in their home, they feel it's supposed to look like it was at the store. The reason the store looks a little different than at the store is because the store accessorizes it. That's why it's been explained to go ahead and express yourself by putting accessories on the furniture. Your own design, your own detail. So then it looks like a piece like you saw at the store, or looks like a piece that you want to see everyday. They expect for it to happen overnight. Everything happens with change. Putting different accessories, lamps, accessories, pictures, and that would be something that would make it a lot different. Then you won't have those mistakes that say it doesn't look like I saw it at the store. That's the biggest mistake I've saw. The second biggest mistake again was the size. Knowing what's going to fit is going to be the best thing possible. If it fits, it's going to work. If you accessorize, it's going to work. If you put, feel your expression to it, it's going to work. Fashion, fashion your furniture, fashion your life, it's going to look great.