Laying out a Fence Pattern for A Wrought Iron Fence

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Layout a fence pattern for wrought iron fences, use a half inch picket, scaling, clamping and shifting to get it square in this free construction video. View Video Transcript

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On behalf of Expert Village, I'm Terry, and I'm here to tell you today about building a wrought iron fence. This is an example of layout on a smaller scale. I made it where it was a little smaller because of our small room that we have here. Let's say that the law governing where I'm going to install this is four inches, which means that the distance between each picket, this between here and here, can be no more than four inches. So, this is a half inch picket, so if I put them four inches on center, if I put each four inches on center, that leaves me with three and a half between each picket. So I'm going to go, three and a half inches, all the way down the rail. I'll take my square, and go square up here so that that's right. So what you can do is you can bring this rail over to the bottom, which makes it a lot faster, and get your tri-square, and switch hands so you can see, that way your only marking one rail because you could vary a sixteenth of an inch or a sixty fourth either way, and your rail's going to come out more square. This way, this way you're right on. And always re-square it up, I'm not going to clamp it. You can't. When you're working on your rail that matters you want to clamp it so that it will stay in place. Find one that fits, there we go. And that is the layout. You see that pattern? If I wanted it any different I would still have to stay within three inches, but I could throw. That's basically the way to lay it out. You want it all the same. You go down through there with a tape or rule. You could tack these in to where you could still shift this back and forth until you get it square.