Reasons Making a Gravel Road is Cost Efficient

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Saving money by making a gravel road instead of a concrete road, the cost of gravel vs. concrete and learn about reinforcement in this free construction video. View Video Transcript

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This is Ben Ingham with Expert Village to talk to you about putting in a gravel road. Concrete can be very expensive, it's in the ninety dollar a yard range to where this is going to be seven or eight dollars a yard. And so, the cost savings would be tremendous plus the labor of putting it down. All I had to do was drive over it with a tractor pulling a box blade and smooth it out, whereas, if you had concrete coming in here, it would not only have to have the concrete but it would have to have reinforcement wire or reinforcement bars of some kind. You'd have to have form boards set up to hold it and contain it. You'd have to have some way to get it smoothed out and make is a workable condition. It would probably, just a quick guess of the top of my head, cost a hundred times more to have a concrete road put in than to have just a gravel road.