Stringers & Pickets for Privacy Fences

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Learn about stringers and pickets, what they are made of and tips on building a privacy fence in this free construction video. View Video Transcript

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Hi! I'm Mark Sullivan for Expert Village and today we will show you how to build a privacy fence around your yard. So these are what your stringers will be made out of. These are 2 x 4's. I like to get them pressure treated also so that no termites are ever going to eat this. This is really pine but it is pressure treated with pinta and this is what your stringers are going to be made out of; screw these on to your 4 x 4's. The next thing you are going to need are your pickets. Now these are 1/2 by 6 inch and these are actually made out of cedar and the termites won't eat the cedar either. These we are going to screw into the stringers and these are the pickets which will make up your privacy fence and they do provide some pretty good privacy.