Sizing Coat Rack Base Plate

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Using a joiner will make sure the coat rack base plate is square with the face. Discover the proper way to size a coat rack base plate with tips from an industrial design teacher in this free woodwork video. View Video Transcript

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Hi, this is Jon and in this clip we'll be sizing our base plate and routing the edges. On our base piece we have already cut it to a length of 48 inches and now we need to size that down to 6 inches. The first thing you want to do is square up one of your edges by running in through the joiner. And this is going to make sure that our bottom edge is square with our face. The next thing I've done is set up my table saw to just a little bit over 6 inches. And what we're going to do is rip our board to a little bit over 6 inches, and then we're going to take it back to the joiner and clean up that one edge. And then back over to the joiner again, just to clean up that one edge that we just cut. Now that our board has been sized to the correct length and width, we're going to use the router to give us a nice edge going around our board. On my router I've installed this crown bit, and that's going to give it a, kind of a fancy looking edge to it. And I've also clamped my board in the vice, so that'll hold it nice and still while a router my edges. For my second pass, I'm going to raise the router bit, so I get more of a defined edge around my project. Once finished, we have a very nice defined edge.