Folding Laundry: T-shirts

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Properly folding your T-shirts will help prolong their use, while keeping them looking clean and new. Learn some tips to help you fold your T-shirts correctly from a house cleaner in this free housekeeping video. View Video Transcript

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Hi there, this is Melody Mooney, and today I'm giving you some tips on how to fold your clothes. We're going to be working with a T-shirt and folding that today. But first things first, I want you to go ahead and get yourself a flat surface. I always fold on a kitchen table, but you could fold on your bed or on the floor as long as it's flat. Alright, so what I've done is I've gone ahead and I've made myself a 1x1 piece of cardboard and I'm going to use that to fold in just a minute. Then I go ahead and I get my T-shirt, I kind of shake it out, make sure there's nothing in there, and what I'm going to do is I'm going to take the front and put it face down in my folding area. And this is a big T-shirt, it's one of my husband's. I'm putting the sleeves out to the side, just make sure it's neat, now take your 1x1 piece of cardboard and put it right in the center of the shoulders of the T-shirt. Alright, next I'm going to take the sleeve of the left, on the left here, and fold it right into the center. There we go. And fold it just a bit back towards the shoulder. So there I have a nice fold going down. Let me show you that again on the right hand side. What I want to do, take the right hand sleeve and the bottom and fold it into the cardboard and fold it back towards the shoulder. There you go, you have it. So, next thing I'm going to do, make sure it's all smooth, is I'm going to bring this fold up to the bottom of this cardboard, I'm making a nice line. Now, the magic part is, I'm going to slide the cardboard out of the top, there we go, and one more fold left. Here we go, taking the bottom, folding it up to the shoulders. And look at that, look how nice and neat that is, you can even see what T-shirt it is. It's a good way if you're traveling or if you're storing things, you can actually get more T-shirts in your drawer than if you just throw them in. And that is how we fold a T-shirt!