How to Iron Pants Pockets from Inside

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Learn how to iron pleated pants from the inside from a professional seamstress in this free video on ironing clothing. View Video Transcript

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Hi, my name is Marti. On behalf of I'm going to show you how to iron a pair of cotton pants today with pleats. Now we have our waistband ironed and pressed, I'm going to take care of the pocket here. I want to make sure that everything underneath of the pocket is flat and I'm just going to give it a real quick once over. So when I lay down my pocket down, I press it, it will be smooth. You want to make sure that all the seams are running in the proper position. Sometimes it will get kicked back and crocked and it will effect the way the garment hangs on you. So make sure that all your seams are facing the direction they should and when you iron, you want to iron along the seams. Just rotate your pants. We are going to catch this back pocket here again everything is smooth underneath take it down the seams.