Sending Flowers to France

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Sending flowers to France can be done by contacting a local florist or by ordering online through, or Research options for sending flowers to someone special in France with plant information from a sustainable gardener... View Video Transcript

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Hi, this is Yolanda Vanveen and in this segment we're going to talk about, "How to send flowers to France?" Now France is a European country just above Spain and below Germany and Belgium. And it's a very safe country and there's lots of options on how to send flowers to friends and family there. So your best option is to try to find a local florist to where you're sending the flowers. So it might be tricky if you don't speak French but many of them will have English websites. So even if you just search Paris florists, you might find a website that'll come up in English and you can order flowers directly that way and then you can save money on the middleman. It's also easy to go online with a company like or 1-800-FLOWERS or and you can order directly from them and they can ship to different florists at, right directly in France. So this is FTD's website, it's and you can order pretty much anything by picture which makes it really safe and that way you can use your credit card and if there's a problem at least you can dispute it with Visa or Mastercard and that makes it a lot safer. But there's other companies right in Europe that are great too; like this one,; they specialize in European delivery and a lot of times they might be a bit cheaper than other options. Teleflorists too is a company that's in United Kingdom and they ship abroad and right now with the exchange rate, sometimes it's actually cheaper to order in different monies too; you can also have that option. is another web page that specializes in all over Europe deliveries. So there's so many different options. When ordering flowers for your friends and family in France, just remember to try to buy locally first. That's always your, usually the best rate. So the most important thing you can do is do your research and check out what the different prices are on different web pages and account for any exchange rates and you'll find by just taking a little more time that you can save a lot of money and your friends and family in France will enjoy the beautiful bouquet of flowers that they receive.