How to Re-Pot a Bonsai Tree

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On behalf of I just want to get a very general, very brief overview of how you might want to choose to re-pot a Bonsai. Many many places that sell Bonsai, will sell them finished. If you're not getting it finished, which is more of the fun of a Bonsai. You would want to choose for one a healthy tree, such as this Ficus Gensing. And it is in a Bonsai pot but it's rough. Or they call it semi finished. You want to make sure that you get a pot that we've pre-chosen, such as this one. That is in more in proportion with the tree. Not to big, not to little. Gives it some extra root space so you won't have to pot right away. For one, once you've chosen the pot and you have the right amenity, such as the wire to wire that tree down. You want to put your screen down, which prevents the soil from going through the holes over time. An and ideally good bonsai mix. We premix our bonsai soil here at our store at Paradise Palm. Basically, we will mix a general hazmat soil mixed with sand, pumice, and a special organic mix that we have here. But it's generally got pumice or sand and a general house plant mix evenly or at least half and half or in thirds. Choose a soil that you know will work well with the chosen bonsai you have. This works great with Ficus Varieties.