How to Recover a Underwatered Plant

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Learn what you can do to recover a plant that has received very little water in this free video clip about plant care. View Video Transcript

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Some of the solutions to under watering is put the plant where you are going to see it, where you are going to walk by everyday. Put the plant where you are going to see it, where you are going to walk by it every day. Do you have it hidden in a corner where you are just going to ignore it. That is one thing I always do. I put the plant where I can see them. It catches your eye and you say oh yeah, I need to water that. Another option is that you could plant it into a bigger pot. Is it drying out too fast because it doesn't have enough water available to it so you could put it in a bigger pot. You could also plant it in the ground outdoor as an annual. So plant it in the ground then it has what is available in the ground for water trends. There are other products on the market to keep up with watering requirements. There are gels that you can add that actually hold onto water when they are wet. They slowly release water into the system when the plant is dry. The gel makes more water available. Also these small bulbs that you can stick into the soil and that will also slowly drip into the soil surface and water the plant. I've heard people poking a hole in a soda bottle when they go on vacation. A very small hole that will drip into the soil. So if you went on vacation, you want to come back to this.