Sending Flowers to Europe

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Sending flowers to Europe is easiest by finding a local florist to order from, but many Web sites offer delivery to Europe, such as,, Teleflorist or Find a European floral delivery service with plant information... View Video Transcript

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Hi, this is Yolanda Vanveen, and in this segment we're going to talk about how to send flowers to Europe. So Europe is a continent and it's just above Africa and it consists of England and Ireland, United Kingdom which is all of those countries together, France, Spain, Germany, Holland all the way over to Poland and then down to Italy. So if you're shipping flowers to any of these countries you're generally safe and there's lots of options. So your best bet is to go with a company or a florist shop that's closest to want it delivered. So do your research, go on line and many many websites in Europe are in English. Even if you're sending it to a company that doesn't speak English, most of them will have websites and you can order right on line form anywhere in the world and have them delivered the next day. So there's lots of different options. So is a company that specializes in European deliveries and thats f l e u r o p dot com. They're great to us for shipping any types of flowers all over Europe. Teleflorist is a company that specializes in the United Kingdom but it also ships other places too. So you can check and see what their options are. Pick Up Flowers is another company too, that ships all over the world and specializes in European flowers. You can always use or by doing your research, find out what your best options are. Check all of those companies and look for local companies as well and you'll find just by comparing prices you can save a lot of money and your friends and family wherever they are in Europe, will enjoy the beautiful flowers that they receive.