How to Dry Laundry

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Hi, this is Betsy Sue on behalf of Expert Village. In this segment in laundry 101 we are going to talk about drying your clothes proper settings, proper time. What you need to do here is you look on the dryer and it tells you everything you need to know. You have delicate to regular. Now like I said most of my clothes are regular. So I leave it on there. If you have things like maybe like a little bit of a fancy pattern on them or something that is really nice thin material. Or a fancy material you might want to go ahead and put it on delicate. Now when you are doing the drying if you have lots of stuff in the dryer, towels, sheets, lots of stuffs that holds a lot of water especially towels. You want to put it all the way to at least 60 minutes. It should take a least a hour if not maybe even a hour in half. Now if you have some lighter thinner things thinner tee shirts, cotton tank tops stuff from that. You can probably put it more then half a hour cause you don't want to waste to much energy keeping them dryer longer then they need to be in the dryer. Now if you have something that you just want to take the wrinkles out of you just go ahead and put it on 20 to 10-20 minutes. Now just to get the wrinkles out of something and it all the time you need for that one. So you go ahead and take the time you want. I have lots of stuff in there cause I'm going to go ahead and put it on a full hour. Put it on regular and then when I'm ready I'm going to go ahead and press start. That is what we are going to do putting our stuff in the dryer here on Expert Village.