Which Flowers Grow Well in the Shade?

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Flowers that grow well in the shade include New Guinea Impatiens, Coleuses and Heucheras. Grow flowers in the shade with tips from a gardener and nursery owner in this free video on flowers. View Video Transcript

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Hi, this is Jessica Smith, for Bland's Nursery, in West Jordan, Utah. Today, we're talking about which flowers work well in a shady location. First off, you need to identify how much shade the area's actually getting. Some flowers that'll take a full sun will take a partial shady location, but yet, other flowers that will, that need maybe some really dense shade. First off, identify how much sun it's actually getting. If an area's getting half a days sun and half a day shade, it's actually considered a full sunny location. Look for areas that only get morning sun or late afternoon sun. Those would also work for some shadier locations, but you don't want em' to get sun right in the middle of the day. Some good ones to use would be; for an annual, the colorful New Guinea Impatiens, and they can tolerate a little bit of sun, as with the old-fashioned varieties of the impatiens that you can get tons of different colors in these, they like a little more shady locations. They'll take just early morning or late sun. To the colorful foliage of Coleuses. Some of these will get large, but they add interest to to the shady locations. To the pretty foliage of Heucheras. These are Coral Bells. These are perennial in our areas, and they'll pop up with some flowers later on. Hostas come in all different forms of leaf colors, from variegated leaves, to blue leaves, to green leaves, to chartreuse, they add great, great color to your, to your shady locations, and with that white outer edge it will actually brighten it up. Check out your local nursery for what grows well in your area.