What Does the Corsage Symbolize?

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Corsages can have various symbolism, depending on what flowers are used, as roses can represent love, respect and friendship, and a Lily of the Valley represents innocence. Choose symbolic flowers to use in a corsage with information from a sustainable... View Video Transcript

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Hi this is Yolanda Vanveen and in this segment we are going to talk about what does a corsage symbolize? Well corsages have been around as long as humans have had parties and weddings and any type of proms so as long as people have gotten together for different functions they have worn corsages. So by wearing the corsages all the guests at the wedding will know who is part of the family and who they should congratulate so really corsages have symbolized just people from the family of the party that you are going to. Over time the corsage has symbolized even more. The type of flowers that are in the corsage is really what it symbolizes. For example if you have a red rose in your corsage that means love. If it is a pink rose it is just meaning respect and then a yellow rose is friendship whereas if you have Lily of Valley that means innocence. So there is many different flowers that you can use in a corsage that have all types of symbolism. So in the end it is up to you and it is so fun to look at the different cultures and different religions and all the different meanings of all the flowers and the type of corsages and that way when you are selecting flowers to use in your own events or your own wedding then it is really nice to have your grandparents wear a Magnolia because their great grandparent wore a Magnolia at their wedding and so you can start family traditions with the corsage that symbolizes family and that way you can enjoy your family event even more.