How to Properly Place a Bonsai Tree in a Pot

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Tips for carefully and safely placing a bonsai tree in a pot are discussed in this free educational video series. View Video Transcript

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Hi, John Mueller again with Paradise Palm, on behalf of Before I actually put this ficus ginseng into this pot and I've got the wire and I have the screen down to prevent the soil from going through because I want to have a good just basic general layer removing any larger material such as these bark pieces. And just spread it out evenly, not packing it over the bottom of the container. I'm going to place this plant that which I want to repot, it's in proportion and is not too big, not too small, give some extra roots an inch all the way around and a half inch below. And position it in a way that I think would look good in that pot. I'm basically centering it. I'm going to pour, not pack but pour additional soil all the way around that plant until I've got it properly filled up all the way around. In my point of view sometimes it looks good to have a plant slightly mounded to where it slopes up to the center of the tree. But it's again your personal preference. But, in addition you're wondering what these wires are. This holds the root ball down. Prevents the tree from moving and shifting. You can either very rudimentally wrap it around or you can do it very intensively and pack it in and around the roots without squishing the tree. That affixes the plant to the pot in which I'm repotting it in and continue on pouring the soil around it to maybe obstruct those wires. And once you've done that, if your soil mix, like ours, is extremely dry it?s going to wick the moisture out of that tree. You want to go ahead and water that tree within a day?s time and pack the soil in but don't smash it down. You want as much air space as possible and take it from there. Now the plant looks good like this but you also might want to top it off with polished rocks you might've found out on a hike, sheet moss and affix it to the top. But it's a general personal preference what you want to have on the top of the tree and in general, it has good centered, it's not too small for the pot, it has drainage, something to obstruct from all the soil falling out of the bottom, and that way you can assure that your tree is really going to do well.