Tips for Drying Laundry Faster

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Hi, this is Betsy Sue and I'm here on behalf of Expert Village. Now one little trick for drying that I wanted to tell you is real energy efficient plus it make things dry a lot quicker. So if you are in a rush this is a great little hint for you, you want to take a towel, a nice big fluffy dry towel and you put it in with all your wet stuff. You go ahead and put it in there with all of wet laundry then you go ahead and do your settings and put everything. Your dryer sheets, set your time, set your temperature, set all the things you need and it would dry in almost half of the time. You can throw in a couple of dry towels if you have a big load of wet laundry. What that does is it just that the towels would absorb some of the moisture. I don't really know the magic behind how it works but I know it works. So that is what you want to do if you want to be a little bit more energy efficient and you want to dry things a little bit quicker. You don't want to be doing laundry all Friday night, you want to go the whole down. So that is what you are going to want to do alright. Here at Expert Village for little tips like this, watch some more of my segments.