Laundry Tips: Whites

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When doing laundry, wash white clothes by turning the dial to cold-cold and diluting the detergent in water. Wash white clothes with tips in this free video on laundry. View Video Transcript

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What's up, it's James. All right, now we have our whites. So, same deal. They're already sorted. We're going to toss them in here. By the way I feel like I'm going to totally get made fun of when one my friends catches this on the Internet, but it's okay. This is for you, this is for you, how to do your laundry. Oh wait, I'm sorry, what I wanted to talk about was if we were going to add Clorox in this, what we would first do is realize that we've got this size of whites right here, which I'm going to put it small. You come here and you select small. We're going to put cold cold for your whites, and we're going to select regular. What you do next is what's cool about Clorox, is you want to dilute the Clorox. So what you do is you start the washing machine, and I'm going to start it right now. Our sound's going to kind of go off right here, so I'll try to speak up a little bit. As the washing machine starts to fill up, you're going to grab the Clorox, childproof caps, they suck, and pour just like a cap full, and then come over and let it go in. And then what's going to happen is that's going to dilute the Clorox for us, and then we can add our clothes in. So, stop that real quick. So what would happen is once that gets filled up, if the lid is open it'll fill up to a point where it's ready to go to the rest of the cycle, but it needs the lid to be closed. But you can leave the lid open, and it will fill all the way up. So once it gets filled up, then you throw your clothes in, and you can add a little detergent if you want, and you close it back down, and it will keep going. So that's the basics on doing your whites.