Making Extreme Birdhouses

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This is Bob Olsen from Expert Village. Going to show you a few bird houses that have taken a little more time to make. A little more complicated. This is made out of old barn wood also but what I've done is put the house together and I've taken pieces of wood and I've cut them in strips like this, you see the strips, and I've put them on individually all the way through here and made designs in the front and made an opera house or a mercantile out of it. Made chairs, tables, frying pans, put little decorative things, rolling pins, and things like that. But then I've burned the sides of the wood like I showed you on the others but this took a lot more time and this is like an old mercantile that they used to have with the square sides and what have you. But you notice, I just put doors and windows in them so the bigger birds can use them and the backside, you see there's a chimney here and it's done with wood on the side and all the lathes and tongue and groove type things. Then here's my little birdhouse on the back here. Like I said, this is my thing that I like to put a birdhouse on a birdhouse because it's my trademark and if I don't like the birdhouse, it doesn't get a birdhouse on it. And like I say, sometimes I've torn them completely apart. This is just one of them that's taken quite a time to build. Now this is just another old barn that I made but I made this one so it was also a barn but it was also a house. As you can see, there's a door and there's a window and it's got a little banister around it. Then I've taken, on this side it's the barn so what I've done, take some grass and hay like, put a little noose here for the haul it up in the attic here. And on the back it's got the chimney on it, it's got all this stuff that the old time people used to use years ago. Now I had another one here a little different. This is kind of made out of old cedar wood and I kind of made a jail out of it. The birds can get in to here, it's a double story and it's got the story down here too. But put bars on the windows so the birds can't get out and if they're real bad birds, they can use this little loop, noose. The sheriff might, generally I'll put a sheriff gun across here or something, just carve a little rifle or something, or a pistol and lay it across the little bench that I've made. Chimney, just an old piece of tree stump or wood and I've put it on there, drilled a hole in the top, burned it a little bit and like I said, this is made out of cedar so it's quite light but it's old cedar, came off an old cedar fence.