Laundry Tips: Separating Wools

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When doing laundry, separate wool clothes that should be dry cleaned from clothes that should be washed. Separate clothing with tips in this free video on laundry. View Video Transcript

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This wool sweater, it's actually from Abercrombie and I cut all the tags off because I didn't want anyone to know that it was from Abercrombie, but if the tag was on here, basically it would give you some type of instruction that this should not go in the wash. If it goes in the wash it will probably shrink and then if you put it in the dryer it will definitely shrink. So with I mean just a wool item like this, like this is the type of stuff you take to a dry cleaner and get done there, and then like once you kind of get to know stuff you'll be like, alright like this like cotton pair of pants, like this is probably going to say same thing that like this thing said, which is just that like needs to get, you know, washed with like colors and then it can go through the dryer at some point. So, anyway if you've got questions, like just find the tag and flip it up and be like, oh, machine wash warm, wash and dry with like colors, only non-chlorine bleach if needed tumble dry, you know, easy.