Laundry Tips: Washing Machine Problems

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When a washing machine breaks down during a load of laundry, find a list of repair services and get a couple of quotes. Fix washing machine problems quickly with tips in this free video on laundry. View Video Transcript

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Welcome back, it's James. Just want to discuss really quick, if your washer and dryer break down that you have in your house. Always sucks when they break down, because you always need your clothes. And it's like mid-cycle and they're all soaking wet and there's nothing you can really do about it. Basically, like, I mean the best advice I can give and it's not that great of advice. But it's just get on the Internet, get in the phone book and find like the, I guess it's the may, like the Maytag like person, the person who comes and you know fixes it. And then I would get a couple of quotes from different people about how much they're going to charge and then I'll get a problem taken care of. Also, just note too that sometimes it's going to be, it could be an expensive fix. So just when you're planning out your budget and just your expenses and stuff. Just have in the back of your mind like if my washer and dryer did break down it might be like a couple hundred dollars to get it fixed. So, just basic blurb on that.