Folding Laundry: Lingerie

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Folding your lingerie, or delicates, correctly is easy when you follow a few simple rules. Learn to fold your delicates and lingerie correctly in order to prolong their use from a house cleaner in this free housekeeping video. View Video Transcript

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Hi, I am Melody Mooney, and today I want to share with you some tips on folding your clothes. So I want to talk to you about a delicate situation, your lingerie and delicates ladies! I'm going to start here, I have a cute pair of underwear. I'm going to take my underwear folding system which is on your flat surface, you always want to have a flat surface, put it down, fold left into the center, right into the center, fold the bottom up so you make a little square. Isn't that cute? There you go. Okay, moving on to your delicate lingerie bras, very cute. What you want to do, it's really simple, you just want to kind of put cup within cup from the center like that, and then you can bring up your straps and the back just so it's folded all together like that. You don't want those hooks loose. Now, if you have merry widows or corsets what you definitely want to do with those is you want to fold them with the boning. You want to get them all straight like that, again you can just take the center, fold it over, but make sure that that boning is straight up and down. You want to fold that that way, and line up the back, just fold it, once again tucking in the straps. See how easy that is? This one's a little easier. What I do, this is a corset, I fold in the left side to the middle, and then I fold the right side to the middle, and then I just fold it over, like that. Again, put it flat, left side to the middle, make sure your boning is that way, right side to the middle, fold it over. Now, to store it, you can take your lingerie bag that you use in your wash, and I always get a little bit of lavender, and then I just throw in my delicates delicately like so. What this prevents is Velcro or anything else like the jagged edges of the drawers snagging on your delicates, you don't want that to happen. And I just kind of cinch it up there and then I roll it up like so. And there you have it, a quick way to store your lingerie and to keep it neat and to keep it safe.