Cleaning a Porch With a Pressure Washer

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Watch as a seasoned professional demonstrates how to clean a porch with a power washer in this free online video about home maintenance. View Video Transcript

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In this segment we're going to start with the front door and clean this area. You always want to work from the doorway away. You want to brush all, just like you want to sweep your dust out and away from the house. We also have to be careful right here we have an area that we want to get the water away from the plants so as much as possible we're going to be pressure washing away from the house because we don't want to make a mess on the house as well and have another project to clean. What we're going to do is start right here at the door. We already have a little plastic shield here to make sure no water gets inside the house. I always want to start at the edge and work away from the house. In a smooth brushing motion trying to get as much of the stuff peeling off at one time as possible. You also, it's important to wear safety glasses as well. Some type of safety glasses or sunglasses are pretty good. I like to do the edges first so I know how clean they are so I don't have to continue the whole job that run over the end. That's important when you can see that the water that brushes up on the house does come off pretty easy, but it does become just one more thing to clean up at the end of the day. I'm trying to brush the mud away from the side all the way around. This is so easy anybody can do it. You can use either hand if one hand gets tired. Practice painting with the other stroke.