Laundry Tips: Sorting

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When doing laundry, sort clothes by reading the tags to determine the washing guidelines. Sort clothes effectively with tips in this free video on laundry. View Video Transcript

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Hey what's up, it's James. O.k. so we've got our pile of laundry, we're going to start talking about sorting threw laundry. And what I want to discuss for this little segment right now is the tags on your clothing which is a pretty like easy way to figure out like what needs to happen with the clothing. I mean and once you kind of like learn the basics you'll kind of understand like what items can, and can't be washed, what items can be washed together, what items you shouldn't dry, like etc. So let's see the first one I got here is just this like cool like shirt from Patagonia and you can flip up the tag and kind of figure out like care instructions. This one just says wash dark colors separately, do not use fabric softer which I've been using fabric softener so oh well. But, alright there's that one. Got a hoodie right here, it's just like a Haynes, what like 50% cotton 50% polyester, when you flip it over it say machine wash warm with like colors, bleach when needed, tumble dry medium. So like that's going to be o.k. like to go in with other whites and then we can put in the wash, and then we can put it into the dryer at some point.