How to Dry Clothes

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Drying clothes in a dryer can ruin delicate clothing so check tags. Learn how to dry clothes from a professional cleaner in this free laundry washing video. View Video Transcript

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Hi, I'm Ginger Walker, owner of Clean Junkies. We're going to talk about how to dry your clothes. There's lots of different techniques on how to dry your clothes. You can use the good, I wouldn't say old fashioned because this is a great new technology, but a dryer. You can also use something where you're indoors. If you're hanging shirts and that type of thing, you can use hangers. If you're using jeans, or you've got jeans, you can just hang them over a bar, something like that. The one thing that you want to pay attention to, if you are using a dryer, is to make sure your settings are right. If you've got whites, you can use a hot or a warm setting. If you've got light colors, a warm setting is fine. If you've got your darks, you're going to want to use a cooler temperature, so that you don't fade those colors, and another good way to dry your clothes, is the good old fashioned, get your rope out, get your little clips, and take them outside, and let them dry in the fresh air. A lot of people really enjoy, even if they've got the convenience of the dryer, to dry their linens out on the clothesline, and the reason for that, is it gives it that nice, open, fresh feeling from outdoors.