Folding Laundry: Napkins

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Folding your napkins, using a few simple techniques, can be a great way to decorate the table for a dinner party. Learn how to fold napkins for up and coming special events from a house cleaner in this free housekeeping video. View Video Transcript

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Hi there I'm Melody Mooney and today I'm giving you some tips on how to fold. I'm going to show you how to fold a napkin really cute so you can use it for a party or something like that. So, here we go. Get your napkin out, standard size napkin. What I'm going to do is fold it vertically, like so and then twice horizontally, OK, one and two. Now I'm going to flip it over; great. I'm going to take the right side and I'm going to tuck it into the left side as far as it will go with that still looking presentable. OK. Now for the silverware, I put in my fork, my spoon and my knife. Look at that. Isn't that totally cute. A little pocket for your silverware. You can use it for a dinner party or something fun. OK. That is one way to fold a napkin.