Tools Needed to Build a Barbeque Pit

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Tools you need to build a grill pit or outdoor barbeque including a pointed shovel, pry bar and bolt cutters in this free construction video. View Video Transcript

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Hi! I'm Mark Sullivan for Expert Village and today, we are going to learn how to build a barbecue pit. Some of the tools that you will need also will be first a pointed shovel with which to dig the hole. It depends on where you are. If you are going to be running into a lot of rocks, you may also need a type of pry bar to dig through it but in this case, it is pretty good soil so I don't think we will have too much trouble; we'll see. So we are going to dig the hole in our proper location. We are going to then level these surrounding area so that our bricks will sit on a solid level footing. This is a level. There is a vial in here and when the bubble is in between those two marks, it is in a level position. So that's a level. There are several different sizes of these but that is generally how this work. Also, we will need something which to cut the steel mesh. This is a pair of standard bolt cutters. We are probably going to cut the steel mesh with this. If it is not too difficult, we may try just some regular diagonal; we'll see. We also have some standard slip joint pliers for bending the steel mesh. So the next step, we are going to go ahead and start digging the hole in the earth so that we can have a fire pit.