Choosing a Hanging Basket

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Hanging baskets have tags that tell you where the plants should be hung, how big the plants will get, how much water they need, and how much fertilizer to use. Learn how to choose hanging baskets in this free gardening video. View Video Transcript

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How to select your hanging basket. When purchasing your hanging basket, your hanging basket will have a tag on the inside of it. Always read and make for sure that you choose the basket, if it's full sun, make for sure that's where you want to put this basket. A lot of times you will find a basket that is a beautiful basket but it not, might not be what you exactly need. The tags will tell you if it's a full sun. Full sun means it's not going to get no shade all day. Shade is part, that it will be getting during the day. It will also tell you how to use fertilizer and how often to fertilize it. It will tell you how big it actually gets. It will tell you how much water that it needs. When you are checking your hanging baskets, make for sure you lift your hanging basket. If this basket feels dry, it's going to be light. If it is heavy, you know it does not need any water at all.