Restocking the Refrigerator After Cleaning & Maintenance

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Learn how to restock and reload the refrigerator after performing basic maintenance and cleaning your refrigerator in this free instructional video on maintaining home appliances. View Video Transcript

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Hi! I am Drew Finn, we are going to talk about how to clean and maintain your refrigerator for Now we are going to restock the shelves, I have preloaded the containers that go on the door, and I will stock those on now. My most important shelf is the one right here at a grab height for the milk, and so let’s put the milk back in. That is the thing you take out the most often. You got some condiments here. Now we are all restocked, we have organized, we have a planned a space up top for the drinks, we have our cheeses and veggies in here and we have fruits here, turn the power on temporarily here. We are going to turn it off again when we clean down underneath, that is the most important time to power off. We wanted it off here also, so that surfaces are not getting cold and you just start icing up when you are cleaning fluids.