Portulaca Hanging Baskets

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Portulaca hanging baskets are low maintenance, disease and pest resistant, and bloom in the morning. Learn more about the benefits of portulaca hanging baskets in this free gardening video. View Video Transcript

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Here we have a Portulaca ten inch hanging basket. These are very low maintenance plants. They are full sun, you hardly ever get any kind of diseases on these plants. These plants bloom early of the morning. You will see them in full bloom. Late afternoon they do close. Again, I'd like to stress, these plants do not carry diseases like aphids in which you have to look after. The fertilizing of these is seven to ten days and you do not have to water these every day. These can go as high as three days and not have to water these. The advantage of have a Portulaca hanging basket, it is a drought tolerant plant. All around, the Portulaca hanging basket is the easiest basket to have. It is very low maintenance and it is drought tolerant.