How to Begin Ironing Blue Jeans

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Hi, I'm Marti. On behalf of, I'm going to share with you today how to press a pair of pants. We are going to be pressing a pair of blue jeans using starch. Back in the day when grandma use to iron, work was a little heavier. This is actually a twenty pound iron that women use to use to iron clothing or sheets or linens. Today fortunately life has gotten a lot lighter. We have high tech irons steam, pointed nose tips, lots of steam ducts and controls that will work with any fabric you can think of. Some people think there is nothing better than a nice pair of blue jeans that are starched and prepped. While you can take them to the dry cleaners, you can also accomplish the same thing at home. Before you begin though we need to turn your pants inside out, these are blue jeans they are 100% cotton and I'll be using a high heat with steam to iron them.