Dealing with Stains & Storage of a Tablecloth

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Learn how to get stains out of tablecloths, plus proper storage of tablecloths, from a professional costume designer in this free video on ironing. View Video Transcript

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Hi, I'm Marti with Today I'm going to show you how to iron a tablecloth. Straight polyester definitely will be a medium to a low heat. Simple enough process move it forward and do the next section. Make sure that you do your hem lines all the way around really well that will help the body of the tablecloth drape nicely off of your table. Also if you have a tablecloth with stains, be sure to pretreat before you iron it and let the stain remover product you use dries thoroughly. Or you might actually cause the stain to set into your tablecloth and it's not going to come out. Once you're done, if you are not going to use the tablecloth ,immediately you'll need to fold it try to keep it off the floor and wrinkle free fold it neatly and place it on a hanger. I like to hang my tablecloth that way. I don't have as many creases or folds to deal with later when I decide to use it. Hang it up neatly then you have a nice starch folded tablecloth, there you go.