How to Prepare New Sheets for Ironing

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Learn how to prepare a new sheet for ironing from an ironing expert in this free laundry care video. View Video Transcript

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Hi I'm Joyce Danielson with Expert Village okay so now we're opening another new pair of sheets and since it's brand new we're going to always check the label to see what material is made out of, what type of heat if your going to iron it, what type of heat will it take that's going to be medium or hot. Let's see so in this particular pair of sheets we are going to wash in warm water, and with other light color such as this and when we iron it we're going to iron iron it on a medium heat. So it doesn't there's a little bit of ribbon on the edge here so that's maybe why they want you to use a medium heat so that it doesn't damage that. Putting more of decorative and this is plain pair of sheets and because of the size of the sheet your going to want fold in half, it makes it easier to fit it on the ironing board, that's the only reason to do this.