How to Sort Dirty Laundry

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Hi, this is Betsy Sue and I'm here on behalf of Expert Village and on this segment on laundry 101, we are going to be sorting our laundry. So if you look down to this basket here we got colors, we have whites, we got blacks, we have all sorts of colors in here, darks, and lights so we are going to start sorting them out. So basically you want to start with 2 sections the whites and the darks. So black is obviously dark, blue definitely in the darks, white, gray, green, these are all darks. White sock, some more socks, more underwear, Jimmy Joe Bobs underwear. Some more darks, lots of darks. Not so much whites. So alright so as you can see now here we have something that is kind of light but it has a little bit of dark in it you want to do. What do you do, do you put it in the darks or do you put it in the lights? You can almost make a 3rd section just for not quiet dark but not quiet light kind of like this hoodie. Maybe some pink may want to go in there. I found a white sock in the darks don't want to do that. So if you want you can make 3 sections if you are really picky and you can have really dark darks, pastels, or lighter colors or a mix if it has white and some dark in it. You may want to put in its own pile and then whites on its own because you probably want to be using a little bit of bleach on the whites. That is how you sort laundry here on Expert Village.