Washing Machine Setting Tips

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Hi, this is Betsy Sue and I'm back here on behalf of Expert Village and now we are ready to go ahead and put our laundry in the machine. When you put it in, you don't want to put it all to one side cause it actually make the machine lopsided. If you have to make sure you spread it out evenly and you don't want to pack it too high cause if you pack it too high, it can't move around and get all the things cleaned. I rather do a couple loads at 3/4 full and then on really packed tight bowl cause it would just not come out clean. You are going to have to go ahead and clean it again. Don't want to do that. Before we actually put in the detergent, we are going to check the settings. We have small load, medium load, and large load. I have halfway up so we are going to go with medium that is just how high the water is going to come up in the machine. Now we have the temperature, we have hot, warm, and cold. Now if you are dealing with darks which we are starting with, we are starting with all the dark colors you always want to wash in cold. Because then your colors would not bleed into one another. So cold always for dark, dark colors. That is very important. Then you have to set what you want this for. Do you want regular? It is permanent press, or is it knits and dedicates. All this is regular pretty much cotton stuff. A couple of things that would blend so we are going to go with regular fabrics. But you make sure what is in there and you put it on the proper setting. That is what you need to do before you get started doing your laundry here on Expert Village.