Laundry Tips: Washing Machine Locations

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Washing machines are cleaning devices that can typically be found in homes, apartments complexes, dormitories or at a local laundromat. Locate a washing machine with tips in this free video on laundry. View Video Transcript

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Hey, what's up? It's James. All right, so the next point I want to talk about is identifying where your washer and dryer are. I'm pretty lucky because my washer and dryer are like right upstairs, and I don't have to pay for them except for the utility bill, and that makes my life really simple. And I recommend when you're looking for a place, like, if there's a washer and dryer, like inside the place go for it. That's sweet. If you don't have one in your house--let's say your at college in the dorms, just find out if they're on your floor or whatever, and they're either free or they take quarters. And if you're in an apartment complex, once again, there's apartment complexes that have them installed in your apartment--that's another good selling point. But if not, they more than likely have it on the property, and you just need to find out where they are. And then if all those options fail, and you don't have anything, then you go to the laundromat. And the laundromat is not the worst option in the world, you just need to be prepared for it. And I'm actually going to take the next point to talk a little more about laundromats. But just basically figure out where your washer and dryer are.