Laundry Tips: Starch

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When doing laundry, use starch to make clothes crisp and new looking. Find out more about starch with tips in this free video on laundry. View Video Transcript

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We're going to go into the ironing board and the iron but I just wanted to add another point onto the dry cleaners, when you take it in specify what you want as far as if you want your shirt to be super starched or if you want it to be lightly starched because sometimes you can get stuff back, and they'll put a bunch of starch in it and like it will be like crisp, and hard and there will be permanent like, like lines into the clothing that will be super hard to get out. So I usually just like ask for just kind of like, I don't want it too starchy at all but I just want looking nice and nice, and new. But alright I've got this, this old; I used to work at a restaurant, California Pizza Kitchen actually, I've still got my, my pin. But I'd have to iron my shirt before work because my bosses were properly so super anal about having ironed shirts. So, O.k. real quick we got a little ironing board that we just throw on our kitchen table like this, it's really nice. The arm's got a few different settings on it, the one we're looking for is we're dealing with a cotton shirt so I'm just going to put it to the cotton setting, there's, you can look there's wool, linen, nylon, polyester, just set it to the appropriate setting and then make sure there's some water in it so it can, can do its job.