How to Get Rid of Clothing Stains

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Learn how to get rid of clothing stains on laundry from an expert homemaker, with tips for quick fixes, in this free video on washing clothes. View Video Transcript

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Hi, this is Betsy Sue and I'm here on behalf of Expert Village. Papa is outside cutting down some fire wood, you can hear that, keeping us warm for the winter. My job is to doing the laundry. Some I'm going to go ahead in this segment and talk about taking stains out of your shirts or clothes. Before you go ahead and wash it in the machine. So we got here some spray and a wash, it is a stick, you can also get a spray that is why it is called spray and wash. I have a couple of stains on my shirts, I have some spaghetti sauce on them when I was eating spaghetti last night for dinner. So you go ahead and find the stains and you just take the stick or the spray and you just rub it on there nice and good. Hopefully, that would get the stain off. Sometimes if it is real good stain you can go ahead and give it a little rub here as well. Now certain stains there are going to be a little tricker to get out like wine, red wine, grape juice, so those are some little trickier things that you are going to need something other than this. You might need some special stain remover for that stuff. So go ahead and buy that if you are real clumsy.