How to Prune Italian Plum Trees

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How to Prune Italian Plum Trees - Provided by eHow
Pruning Italian plum trees is similar to any other plum tree, as they should be encouraged into a vase-like shape that allows plenty of sun into the interior of the branches. Prune back to a few strong branches in late winter with gardening information... View Video Transcript

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I want to talk to you briefly today about how to prune an Italian plum tree. Italian plum trees are really no different from any other tr..plum tree when it comes to pruning. Italian plums are species of the European plum, or Prunus domestica, and they tend to be vigorous growers. They're very easy to grow, and they're fairly easy to prune. Once the basic shape is established which should take about three or four years, it's simply a matter of staying on top of them for maintenance purposes. Italian prunes are basically pruned to a vase shape or a modified central liter system. A vase shape requires thee grower to select three or four strong scaffolding limbs that come off the top of the trunk at about a forty-five degree angle, and splay outwards. This allows a lot of light to gain access to the inside of the plant, and the fruiting stems of the plant. With Italian plums, as with other plums, late winter is the best time to prune. That way, the tree resumes growth shortly after you've created wounds on the tree and that tends to seal of those wounds, and and doesn't allow the integration of insects or fungal disease into thee inside of the tree. In addition, when you prune Italian plums as with other plums, you want to make sure not to leave a stump. You want to prune the branch right back to thee other branch or to the trunk. Whichever, whichever it is. Again, pruning Italian plums is relatively easy. It should be accomplished in the weight, late winter. I'm Charles Boning. That's how to prune an Italian plum.