Trace Pattern to Beams for Pergola

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Learn how to trace pattern on to beams when building trellis or pergola in this free garden remodel video from a home construction expert. View Video Transcript

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Bob Street

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Bob Street with Houdini Home Repairs on behalf of Expert Village. We are building a trellis today. You saw earlier that we had went to another trellis somewhere and took a pattern off the end. I went home and transferred that cardboard pattern onto a plywood pattern so multiple tracings that we have to do won't wear out like you would a piece of cardboard. So what we are going to do is we've got to crown our board here. We've got a 20 foot, 2 x 12. We will look down and determine that it crowns up, bows up. That's the idea of a crown. A board that will bow up. We want that bow to stay up so it is supportive of its own weight. And we are going to turn around and put this pattern right up on there and trace it out. Now this pattern was originally off of a 2 x 10 and we are tracing it on a 2 x 12 so we just have to extend this straight on down. That is what we will do. Make sure you get a good trace. Treated wood when it is wet, pencil does not like to leave its lead. There we go. We've got a trace, our arrow. Point the crown up. All we have to do now is go to the other end of the board, flip our pattern over and do the same thing.