Measuring Wood for Base of Pergola

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Learn how to measure and cut the 2x4s for the bases when building trellis or pergola in this free garden remodel video from a home construction expert. View Video Transcript

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Okay, this is Bob Street with Houdini Home Improvements on behalf of Expert Village. Well what we are going to do here is we are going to measure up these here 2 x 4's and build some bases for our columns and we've got to get some bases that they can put some stone on. They are going to stone these bases and we are going to put columns on top of these bases and a trellis on top of the column. First we need to make some simple measurements and just frame up some 2 x 4's and some plywood and build these bases that they can put this culture stone on. So we are going to end up making these 19 inches by 33 inches. So we are just going to go through and mark us a handful of 19 inch pieces; this will make our life easier cutting them. Shouldn't I have a sponsorship like my tape measure. A handy tip when you are sawing is to use your square as a guide for your saw. Lining up allowing for your blade and let your saw run along the squares as a guide. oh, wasn't that easy? Didn't have to worry about getting chips in my eyes. Just trying to watch it. I know where the saw is going