Laundry Tips: Dry Cleaners

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When doing laundry, use the Internet or phone book to locate a local dry cleaning business. Locate a dry cleaner with tips in this free video on laundry. View Video Transcript

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What's up, it's James. Alright, I want to talk briefly about the specialty items we're talking about that go to the dry cleaners. So, this suit I actually wore out a little while ago, and I haven't taken it back in. And when I wore it out, we went to a party after the event, and I had the jacket kind of sitting around, and it got pretty like- it got a little bit beat up. And, I mean the next time I have an occasion, basically what I'm going to do is go take it to the dry cleaner I took it to. And if you need to find a dry cleaners, just look on the Internet or look in the phone book. And then just know that when you take it in, you're going to have to leave it there for a few days, so just plan that with the occasion, because it sucks if you need it like right away, and you take it in, and then you can't get it back out, you're kind of screwed. So, just look up a dry cleaner close to you, and then make sure you put a nice amount of time in between when you need the item. And then, I don't know definitely look for the best deal too, because there's some cheap really good dry cleaners out there, so.