Growing Kiwis in New England

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Growing kiwis in colder climates, like New England, is easy with greenhouses and a system for managing male and female vines. Grow kiwis in New England with tips from a professional permaculture gardener in this free video on transplanting plants. View Video Transcript

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I bet you didn't know we could grow kiwis in New England. Well, you can. This is a hearty kiwi that's been bred for cold heartiness and its fine for New England. The thing is to get them going over many years and then to build them a big trellis where upon if there's males and females, they will theoretically fruit. We've had two successful harvests of kiwis at Laughing Dog Farm and now some friends have given us some cuttings, actually some sticks which we rooted in some perlite. You can see that we have some action going on, on this female here. We've got the females over here and the males over here. Both male and female are required for pollination and fruit set. And the goal here is just to give them some time in the Hoop House to develop their roots, to build up some vigor and then we'll situate them outside in a place that's either under a fence or where we plan to build a fence. So viva permaculture in New England. Cold, hearty kiwis.